In this workshop you will learn the basics of brush pen calligraphy, such as basic strokes, pressure applied and styles. We move onto application of the strokes to form letters and unlimitedly end with a final piece of art to take home.


In this workshop you will learn the basics about working with clay, making the mixture, moulding, adding colour and forming shapes. During the course of this workshop you will learn to make an Earring, Bracelets, Bangle, and a miniature articles of your choice (e.g. key chains) that you can take back home at the end of the workshop.


In this course will learn royal icing consistency, basic techniques, outlining and flooding, painting on cookies and a lot more including some insider tips and tricks. Recipes are included within the kit and you get to take home workshop material (notes, practice template, scribe tool and a paint brush) + all decorated cookies.


In this workshop you will learn the basic skills necessary to complete a counted cross stitch design such as; using Aida fabric, threading your needle easily, starting and finishing threads neatly, reading and interpreting a pattern, and creating cross stitches that appear smooth and uniform. Ultimately you will finish a mini cross-stich pattern that you can take home to frame


This workshop will focus on simple ways to create an environmentally friendly and edible home garden. Topics covered include – reducing wastage, recycling materials, and going organic and composting. If you want to create a healthier home and planet then this workshop is for you!


In this workshop you will learn a detailed step-by-step process of decoupage to create 2 objects – a serving tray and a candle. You will also be taught how to piece things together to create a seamless and clean design from parts of scrap material. Ultimately you will take home two unique pieces of art created by you.


In this workshop we’ll focus on maximizing your space for home growing with creative and fun ideas. Topics include – what to grow, creative containers and pots, creating an ideal growing environment and caring for your plants.


In this workshop you will be introduced mainly to Scandinavian inspired folk art designs. You will learn to create your own unique design and color it using gouache paint.


In this workshop you will learn 10 different embroidery stiches that can be applied to any design. The stiches are an intricate form of hand and thread work that will give a good introduction the basics of the art form. During the course of the workshop you will make a wall mounted frame by practicing all stitches. You will also learn to stretch cloth on to the frame, copy or draw a pattern, and sew on it.


In this workshop you will learn the ancient meditative art of Mandala. How to calculate this geometric piece and expand on the basic form created.


In this workshop you will learn some basic macramé knots and how to turn a couple of plain cotton strings into beautiful plant hangers.


In this workshop you will learn many Patchwork and Quilting techniques commonly referred to as traditional piecing, foundation paper piecing, curved piecing, strip piecing, English paper piecing, machine and hand appliqué, thread sketching, straight quilting, and free motion quilting.
You will learn how to make a 20×20” colorful cushion case using “quilt as you go” techniques. Step-by-Step guide and patterns will be provided and you will be taught about fabric, thread and batting selection for your cushion. How to use a rotary cutter, cut your fabrics. Layout, accurate piecing, and pressing.
Quilt as you go technique. Participants will be able to finish the project and take it home at the end of the class.


In this workshop you will learn a step-by-step process on making gorgeous succulents that will never need to be watered or wilt away. 3 types of succulents will be taught: basic succulent, spider cactus and air plant. You will also learn how to arrange them together in a pot. All materials are included in the workshop kit, which include, high quality Italian Crepe Paper by Cartotecnica Rossi and high quality German crepe paper. Ultimately you can take home potted succulents that will never die on you.


This course will cover watercolor basics or a refresher on tonal values, wash and brush techniques, how to sketch, steps in painting a flower and layering of colours. This is a beginner-friendly course. Any previous background in watercolor basics will only be an advantage.


This workshop is for beginners and will provide you with the knowledge & confidenceto continue practicing the relaxing art form of weaving within the comfort of your home. All necessary materials, and equipment’s will be provided during the workshop which include A Weaving loom,cotton yarn for the warp, different types of yarn and roving in every size and colour, wooden dowel rod, wooden stick, tapestry needle and shuttle. More importantly you will learn to warp your loom, add plain weaves, use Rya knots, incorporate soumak, and play with roving and a few important finishing steps to get your own individual piece of woven art off the loom and anto your wall.


In this workshop you will learn the basics of punch needle rug hooking and create an original wall hanging. We will talk about different punch needle tools, fabrics and frames/hoops, how to transfer your designs, types of yarns and we will experiment with texture and color.

Milk & Latte Art

Amazed by how baristas can make such smooth, thick and creamy milk in your coffee? Do you want to draw beautiful patterns and designs into your latte just like the pros do it? Well you can! In the Milk & Latte Art workshop you will learn the basics of milk steaming and lay a solid foundation for you to free-pour numerous designs into your cup!

Workshop Outline and Duration: 2 hours workshop

  • – Milk Steaming : The Ingredients
  • – Milk Steaming : Techniques
  • – Latte Art Fundamentals
  • – Free Pouring Techniques
  • – Latte Art:  Creating shapes

Coffee Cupping / Tasting

Cupping is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It is a professional practice but can be done informally by anyone or by professionals known as “Q Graders”. Cupping is maybe one of the most important parts of selecting and purchasing great coffee. It is how the quality of coffee beans are tasted.

This is a workshop for beginners and you do not need any prior experience to attend this workshop. We’ll set up a fun and interactive way of learning how to taste beans. During this workshop we will equip you with skills to cup, taste and record what you’re tasting.

Textile Printing

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn to design and carve blocks which you can use to print on fabric such as cotton and linen. You will mix your own colors, explore a few surface design basics, experiment first-hand with simple shapes, and learn the difference between a motif and a pattern in a composition. You will apply all techniques taught on to a tea towel that you can take home.