Fri, April 26 03:00pm
Milk & Latte Art

Workshop Date – 26th April

Workshop Day – Friday

Workshop Duration – 2 hours

Time – 3pm to 5 pm

Location – Espressolab, City Center, 2nd Floor.

Cost – QAR 200

Amazed by how baristas can make such smooth, thick and creamy milk in your coffee? Do you want to draw beautiful patterns and designs into your latte just like the pros do it?

Well you can! The Milk & Latte Art workshop will teach you the basics of milk steaming and lay a solid foundation for you to free-pour numerous designs into your cup!

Join now and show off your new skills to all your friends!


Workshop Outline and Duration:

2 hours workshop

  • – Milk Steaming : The Ingredients
  • – Milk Steaming : Techniques
  • – Latte Art Fundamentals
  • – Free Pouring Techniques
  • – Latte Art:  Creating shapes


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Date and Time
Fri, April 26
03:00pm – 05:00pm